Help spawning

Hey, I’ve had GMod for a while and recently I’ve wanted to spawn without any weapons, just the physgun, tool gun and camera.
I thought you used to be able to tick a box to say “spawn with weapons” but I can’t find that anymore. I tried clicking “Allow weapons” in the admins tab and this doesn’t help either. I’ve looked for console commands but found no such luck either.

Any ideas?

sbox_weapons 1/0

it says “Unknown Command” but I’m pretty sure it used to work for me.

When you go to “Play singleplayer” go to “Options” or “Settings” or whatever that tab was called.There you will find a few checkboxes.On one of them the text says “No weapons”.This will suit you PERFECTLY!

If you read my post, I said I thought there used to be a box you could tick to give you weapons or not. The box has gone.

If in game I go to admin options and tick “no weapons” then look at the console command it says “unknown command: sbox_weapons”

If you are literally missing options from your settings tab, verify your game cache.

verified it, nothing changed

Are you using a pirated GMod?


Wait if you can verify the cache then you aren’t.
Then I don’t know because that command should be there.