[Help] Starting up a server

Hey there people.
I’m obviously new to the forum, but I’m just curious if anyone could help me.
I have looked at ttt.badking.net and read through how to start up a server, but I have a few questions.

I know I have terror town within my garrys mod folders, but how would I begin setting up a server with a dedicated host?
I already have a host in mind and I’ve looked and I’ll be going with them.
What would I need to get it going? I have a ton of maps from previous games, would I be able to use those maps?
What else would I need to get going?

Any help or advice would be lovely. <3


Forgot to mention, I’m wanting to host TTT. Like I said, any help would be awesome.

Easiest way is to go to youtube and search “Garry’s Mod how to make a server with SCRD”

If you are buying a server from your host they set it up for you automatically. And no you cannot expect every map to work for TTT. Look for maps that begin with ttt_ and you will be fine. As far as custom content goes, google is your friend.

How to set it up with dedicated host?

Just change gamemode and map with the command line editor.

Also you can Google TTT maps.

Sorry for saying this but the responses here are poor, I know I’m late to the party but I’ll chip my two pence in anyway.

For a start he say’s he already has a host in mind, so I’m guessing this host is using TCadmin.

It’s literally just going to your command line editor and typing ‘terrortown’ in the gamemode option, and wallah! you are now running Trouble in Terrorist town on your server.

Don’t use maps from previous games, be on the safeside and use maps found on the workshop, furthermore there are hundreds of scripts, addons weapons and maps compatible with TTT that can be added to your server, furthermore you’ll want to look into Fast DL, Garry’s mod has a great new feature known as the workshop fast DL, any workshop files you have on your server can be made to automatically download by the user when he/she joins.

Thanks for the help Christmasham.

This is good to know, I’ll be paying for my first month of hosting and locking my server and testing / adding different addons, weapons and maps to make sure everything is good to go.

Now I know where it is, so that’s good.

I find a guide on Fast DL (explaining it and other things with it) after I read your post, so that helps too.

Thanks for the help!

Any other advice anyone can give me? I’ve read threw a few guides about running a server as well.

DONT USE SRCDS! Use SteamCMD. I will post a Youtube video showing how to do so. SteamCMD is 10x faster to download. And a lot easier to manage and keep your server up to date without clearing the whole folder. And by the way. You need to go on Help and Support Fourum to post stuff like this. I got ban because of that reason for like 5 days.


P.S Because he has a bad intro dont mean you haft to be a little picky B**** and not watch it.

SteamCMD Uses SRCDS…

SteamCMD only downloads the content for the game, SCRDS (Source Dedicated Server) is the program for creating the server. There shouldn’t be a difference in download speed between HldsUpdateTool and SteamCMD, And the folder management/update is almost identicle.

I made another thread in the help section, but I need help setting up fast DL!

Anyone who can help would be a god.