Help team dead

am trying to remake the deathrun from fretta into normal since the new update stops it from working

how would i work out if all the team is dead so it will do newround

local allDead = true

for _, pl in pairs(team.GetPlayers( YOUR_TEAM)) do
if pl:Alive() then
allDead = false

– if allDead is true, do something with it

Sorry, I am at work and I don’t have access to the wiki :frown:.

well i fail at coding so give at making it there someithing stoping my server from running from the new update
the gamemode was

can someone have look see what broken so i can replace or remove it

was working before but now the server wont start with the addon
the gamemode works fine in single player but not on server

Well, I have been told not to help (you) out anymore. One last hint though; browse the LUA Scripting section, it contains some discussions about the latest update.

by any chance do you know someone called doubleedge sorry is its off topic