Help!Texture error

I’ve compiled my model,and I’m sure textures are in correct directory,but it still goes wrong.

This is my qc

$cd "C:\Users\cs_italy\Desktop\basher"
$modelname "props_items/basher.mdl"
$model "studio" "Basher.smd"
$cdmaterials "models\props_items"
$hboxset "default"
$hbox 0 "basher_model" -21.832  -10.284  0.000  21.647  10.351  96.256
// Model uses material "models/props_items/basher.vmt"
$surfaceprop "default"
$keyvalues  {  } 
$illumposition -0.034 -0.092 48.128
$sequence idle "idle" fps 30.00
$collisionmodel "phymodel.smd" {

	$mass 5.0
	$inertia 1.00
	$damping 0.00
	$rotdamping 0.00

(yes,it’s a decompiled dota 2 item)

Did I skip anything?

look into the model tab to see if it’s loading the VMT

i’m having a similar problem, it says it cant find my VMT, but its in the material folder…