Help, Textures with lines

There you have it. In the distance you can see lines running across the grass and walls and it’s even more obvious under the arch to the right.
No, they are not clippings and the brushes touch eachother. How do I get rid of these lines?
And, it’s not my video settings, other people see the lines too.

  1. In the middle of the wall (about 32 units above the red part) there’s a line, why don’t these textures flow into eachother as nicely as in say, gm_construct?
    (This might have to do with the same problem as 1)

  2. The shadows of props you spawn seem to point in another direction than the environment lighting.

PS: It’s my third map ever.

I’m afraid it’s an engine error. I currently don’t know any methods to fix this…

compile on full…
or use the -final command?

Not bad for a third map though!

Alright, thanks.

How about the shadows? (problem 3)

any ideas?

(and problem 2)

problem 3:
In construct the second brush actually starts just above the blue line on the bottom part.

problem 1 is an engine error, it’s known as a vistear. I don’t believe there is a known fix for it.

problem 2 is improper texture alignment. That may be the only thing I decompiled gm_construct for, brush sizes and texture alignment for the plaster walls. That and the name of all the textures used

problem 3 seems strange, I have no clue why it would do that… perhaps a picture will do it more justice?

what i have found has (MOST OF THE TIME) fixed this was having your light_environment entity set too at least a 15 degree z axis angle, that usually fixes it right up!

Edit :

For problem one i mean!, just because the visleafs are torn up, doesn’t meant that you cant fix it with a little tilt

Edit :

rate me dumb, i just had the same issue with a light_environment facing down at 45 degrees, i guess i just lucked out last time :frowning:

The lines are just the edges of visleafs. Nothing you can do about them. I guess since Half-Life 2 and episode 2 are the way they are it’s not noticeable, therefore doesn’t need fixed by valve.