Help texturing this thing...

Erm hi,

Basically I’ve ripped a night vision scope off a AWP remodel for css. However, when I go to unwrap it, the unwrap doesn’t match with the texture in the original pack. The original texture is not for the gun, but for the scope itself. Could someone help me texture it please? Sorry, but I can’t really offer you anything but credits if I release it, but I guess you can have some crates for TF2 if you really want them.
Sorry for being REALLY REALLY inexperienced lol…

Here’s a link to the SMD:

Oh and I’m using blender 2.63, so I don’t know if that’s a problem.

there’s no need to unwrap it, just use the original texture, it should already be uved to it. give it a shot

Already done that lol.
Remember I have ripped the thing off a css skin by using a mdl to smd converter…
This probably broke the uvs.
Anyhow, it isn’t detecting it is unwrapped.

The mdl to smd converter usually will not upset the uv wrapping, proof of this is if you open it in your modeling suite and check the uv, the uv wrap should be nicely dispersed across the space. When the model is re-compiled, it should therefore keep the uv and so long as your textures are in the right place, it will look as it did before it was decompiled.