Help the heavy find the missing spies!

There are 9 spys and the heavy needs help finding them! Can you help the heavy?!

One hint. The ninth spy is with the Scout’s mom and offscreen.

I’ve found 6



I’ve found eight.

I was thinking the Scouts Mom would be onscreen, with only the Spys arm being visible or something. I cannot find the Scouts mom or the ninth Spy.

I got 8 too

I found eight, too, which I guess means I found them all?

Because they’re off screen in bed.



i think i found all of them

Oh so the “nine” was just a bad joke.

There are actually eight.

What part of off screen did you not get? :confused:

A small part of him may have been onscreen, like an arm, leg, or even his head.

Found them all.

I found all nine, the 9th is with the scouts mom hiding in the exact shape of the heavy, directly behind him. They are master contortionist you see.

The 9nth is the heavy!

Only if you’re paranoid.

Kinda stupid and over done.

First time I’ve seen it…

The “joke” was stupid.
But I liked the game in the picture so I dont give yah a dumb.