Help the little people out

With the addition of durability, yet one more game mechanic has been implemented which aids bigger clans who have the ability to stockpile weapons (by farming, finding, or raiding) where solo or small groups have yet another game mechanic in place to hinder them.

As I think it’s inappropriate to complain without presenting a suggestion, I think guns should be removed entirely. The distance and power they give a person is too much, especially when multiple people have them. I think I’d rather see the game go in the direction of more primitive, survival type weapons (in line with the bow) but focus on melee (swords, maces, maybe shields?). Just my opinion but I really do think guns hamper this game in numerous ways.

Why do people think that the game should be balanced to make it easier for solo players?
Isn’t it obvious that a group will have better odds than a single player?

I, myself, am a solo artist, and it forces me to play more stealthily… an attribute that I rather enjoy.

EDIT: My biggest beef with “more melee weapons” is that they’re all essentially the same thing… The sword does X amount of damage, the hammer is a bit slower but does Y damage… It’s all the same stuff really.

When applying Game Theory to evolution it becomes quite apparent that we were meant to be in packs, and those that roamed in packs where stereotypical loner animals without something exemplary about them did not survive. Rust works the same way for the most part.