Help the Sniper find his things and the Demoman having a trippy experience.
It was supposed to be some kind of item search, but I was to lazy to make a list of things to find. I just got bored and shit out these pictures.
Made the list anyways.

Find These Things!

5 crushed cans
Heavy’s Football Helmet
Sniper’s Bucket o’ Inventory
2 can of Bonk! Energy Drink
3 Sticky Bombs
Spy’s Ambassador
Pyro’s Flare Gun
Heavy’s Sandvich
Medic’s Ubersaw
Spy’s Fedora
^That is the demo on the ground in the first picture.
There you have it. I guess I could make a list of things if anyone wants me too.

Make a list. At least then we will know what to look for.


The second picture is amazing.

demomans first time in disneyland :smiley:

Added a list in the first post.
Also fixed a mistake I made on the Demoman picture.

I found everything but 2 of stickies.

I might make some more that are not really easy.