Help Tibbles Get Back Into GMod!

I reinstalled my windows, and I reinstalled everything, all my content and my addons, and everything works swimmingly, except for one aspect.

NOTHING from HL2 works. Every vanilla prop, every HL2 Model/Texture/Sound/Entity are errors, and I cant see my physgun nor gravgun.

With that said, I have EVERY source game mounted, and the content is properly installed and working.

Any help or ideas of what might be wrong?

Umm, Do you have GCFScape? If you do, then try copying the files from source materials.gcf , source models.gcf and source sounds.gcf o garrysmod folders. Maybe it will work then ?
Those shouldn’t be in 2007 files, since I copyed 2007 gcf-s to my external HDD, and then to old PC to play GMOD, but it downloaded the older ones.

Hello Tibbles.
Have you tried re-installing Garry’s Mod?

Do you have a link for your steam profile somewhere, so we know you haven’t pirated GMod?

Do you see error models and pink and black checkerboards? Source will just crash if it does not have the error model or the pink checkerboards. However, he says that Half-Life 2 content is not working, but I am assuming every other game he has works correctly. In most cases the models for the hl2 weapons are not distributed with other source games. However, Garry’s Mod should come with those textures and models.

Try deleting every game, then change the server you download content from via Steam’s settings.

Source engine comes with HL2 stuff. Go to steam/steamapps and open source models.gcf with GCFScape. Then copy models folder from source models.gcf to garrysmod/garrysmod so it will go together with models folder in garrysmod/garrysmod folder.
Then do same thing with materials (from source materials.gcf ) and sounds (source sounds.gcf )
Now it should work in gmod.

I have a legitimate GMod copy, everyone should know that, and yes I have tried reinstalling with no avail.

I haven’t the slightest clue of what is wrong

We dont know if you do or not, since of your missing steam profile link but, ill give you the benefit of doubt…

Re-Extract all materials + models from the GCF