Help | timer problem ,time.

Hey the time dont working and that the error:

Hook 'CheckTimers' Failed: [lua\includes\modules	imer.lua:154] attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'Delay' (a nil value)

Its can be in the simple Pro protecion..
Money printer and weed and all the time thning dont working.

sorry if i spelled something worng.
thanks for help.

Its funny because according to garry the timer module can’t crash on a error thanks to pcall, guess he was wrong :V.

However, use some editor and find all places where timer.Create is being used.

What to do after i found the timer’s?
and thanks for help.

First, you might wanna post the code, so we have a clue what we’re looking at/looking for.
Second, you might wanna fix up your grammar, punctations and such, as people will take you more seriously then.

Normally, a simple typo wouldnt bother anyone, except Flawless ofcourse :smile:

Sorry I cant take you seriously

Thanks for help,but i dont got spesific one.
all the timer dont working,all of them.


Post the code. One of the timers does not have a delay set, that is why it is nil.

I fix it.
thanks for trying to help.