Help to build a spaceship in spacebuild 3


I’m fairly new to spacebuild. Have only played it, for like a month now. But I got a question about spaceships.

When I create a fighter (fx) and put thrusters on it for the controls, it will eventually start to spin uncontrolable when in space. I have read somewhere that you should use a speedometer, or a gyroscope but I don’t have a clue how to do it.

Someone care to explain?

I have the SpaceBuild 3, LifeSupport 3, Resource Distribution, PHX, Stargate and WireMod addon.

Thanks in advance!

I dunno about Gyroscopes or speedometers. I just plop on a couple of 10,000 thrusters on either side to stabilize it. It works for me.

adv. gyropod

can be found on

i got that with the sbmp svn

It can be found seperately