help to collision model

I need a hand in collision! here is the model I have:

here is how I would like to:

Not quite sure what you want here, your pictures aren’t exactly worth a thousand words and your explanation is quite vague.

sorry if I have not explained, but I’ve already tried and they told me that I was not clear -_- however this is the problem. my model looks like it’s made ​​of rubber to the level of physical activity. I would like to make the joints more free but do not know how to do.

you must open your model in HLMV and create a rotation max and such for each bone. You then copy the code to your qc and recompile.

Or, if the bones are similar, you can open the HL2 citizen’s .qc, copy those restraints, and just rename the bones to what are in the model. This way it gives you a better jumping point or fine tuning.

you know a good tutorial which explains how to do it?