help to draw text from an SQLite table

Hey so I’m extremely new to coding and would like some help in drawing text on the screen that comes from an SQLite database. I’m using Gravious’ skill surf gamemode and want to add a side hud that looks similar to this (the players name next to the arrows)

so what I really need help with is knowing how to display text from one of the rows from the SQLite database to be exactly what’s in the row (szPlayer in particular)

I’ve been using this code to execute the sql, but I have no idea how to get whatever is returned from the row to appear as text on screen

select szPlayer from game_times where nStyle = 1 and szMap = '" .. game.GetMap() .. "' order by nTime ASC limit 1;

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You have to use the net library to send it to the player and then draw it in a hudpaint hook

how do I send the query using the net libraries? like which one of them in particular should I use to get started?

You wouldn’t send the query, but the result from it. Look at this article (linked at the top of the page Kevlon posted) to get started: