Help to get Thor the Dark World Game models from mobile game

Hey, I don’t want to break any rule here, I have see a lot of post about 3d models been ripped from games and I have an issue with getting the models from Gameloft mobile games, Thor The Dark World game came with much 3d models that I really wanted to get but I can’t cause after I unpack the game data files I got .bin files that can be previewed in winrar but can’t be extracted.
If someone knows a way to extract the .bin file could please teach me?
The models are in a file called res.bin as you can see here:

Thanks in advance.

Well I see nobody knows how, but I don’t lose my hopes, this is the data file I’m trying to extract if anyone can take a look, thanks in advance

I used alternate method to extract by first renaming from bin to zip then repaired archive and extract but problem is all file have same name so i selected rename all …so now i have all .bdae file but problem is how to use it as i have already tried Ironman and GT racing bdae scripts on this…also i need a tool for dark knight please reply :slight_smile: