[HELP] To make Custom textures

Hey FP as you saw on the name on this threat i need some Help on how to make my own Custom textures i saw a guy make a Tokyo based map and hes textures fits like 100% but my question is HOW! becouse im going to make a map and i need some Textures and im going to make them my self so if you guys could like tell me stuff like.

Wich program to use

what scale ? and such

Thanks i allready looked there but i couldnt find it So many thanks man

Couldnt find what?

I think he means he already looked at the wiki but couldn’t find that article.

Oh, I thought he was saying he looked there but it wasnt what he wanted.

The custom texture thing xD

did you try google first?
you’re going to need this to convert images into vtf’s so source can use it

the paint.net vtf export plugin does a pretty good job too.


Nice tut, however you said to save the file as .tga before importing it into VTFEdit. I just want to say that you can import the images directly into it as .psd (The default Photoshop file). I suggest using that because I prefer using it since if you want alpha, you don’t have to go through the entire process of making an alpha channel.
Maybe it’s just me but this really helps my work flow by seeing the actual image while editing it. Also, as far as I know, there really aren’t any problems with using it.

You don’t have to make an alpha channel to use alpha.

Holy shit, Fire god made a thread about this, and it was bumped like, a day ago.

I personally think his thread should be stickied.

We need bad reading back.