Help to my Entity!

Hey guy’s the title say’s all…
-I’ve been trying to make a Drugs for a new system im making. so far, none of my code has worked except for setting the model and setting the health and the spark-effect when destroyed.
this is supposed to give you +100 health, decreasing slowly, a small speed boost, and some more jumping power.

Everything seems to work, but the gamemode spams me with:

 Error: [gamemodes\darkrp\entities\entities\drugs\init.lua:36] attempt to index global 'D' (a nil value) 

I’ve been looking on the code i don’t see any Error’s but there is one, so i hope you guy’s can figure this out for me, in advance thanks!

[lua]function Drugged( ply )
local IDSteam = string.gsub(ply:SteamID(), “:”, “”)
if not timer.IsTimer(IDSteam…“DruggedHealth”) and not timer.IsTimer(IDSteam) then
ply:SetHealth(ply:Health() + 100)
timer.Create(IDSteam…“DruggedHealth”, 60/(100 + 5), 100 + 5, function()
if ValidEntity(ply) then D:SetHealth(ply:Health() - 1) end
if ply:Health() <= 0 then ply:Kill() end
timer.Create(IDSteam, 60, 1, undrugged, ply)


if ValidEntity(ply) then ply:SetHealth(ply:Health() - 1) end

Not sure where that D came from in your code, but just glancing at it, looks like it should be ply instead.

Thanks for your answer i’m gonna check it out now.


Weee, it worked thank you!

Why didn’t you read the error before you posted?

I did, but i couldn’t find the answer… Tried a diffrent ways to fix the problem…

  • So i thought i found a solution but i didn’t soo here i am! :slight_smile: