Help to port a ragdoll to GMod.

I have seen on the forum, the availability of the “Elizabeth” model from the game “Bioshock Infinite”.
Now I have a problem, because the models are for SFM, and not for GMod. I have copied the files in garrysmod/ directory and in the spawnlist (in-game [Q]) i have navigated to the directory where the model is. The models are invisible! And the icons on the spawnlist are transparent too. That’s Weird!
Here is the forum page where are the Elizabeth models: Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth HWM Pack

How can i fix the models, or something to do to spawn these ragdolls?

Can somebody help me?
Thanks in Advance.

Tried the same with Maskless Spy, exact same thing happened
Some kind of tutorial for porting SFM models over to Gmod would be neat. If it’s possible, that is.
( SFM guys do nothing but ask for SFM versions of Gmod addons, then they don’t even consider giving Gmod versions of their fancy schmancy SFM addons :c )
I can’t even decompile SFM stuff for some reason