Help to seed without a seedbox here!



looks alright i might download if i can but i dont really bother with seeding becuase it wastes my internet :smiley:

NO, you don’t download anything. You register for an account, the account let’s you upload .torrent files to the site. The site seeds the torrents for you, meaning faster speeds for downloading that torrent.

Thx guys

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Makes sense.
Thought i would post a link to the torrent seeders thread also:

There seems to be quite a few of us doing this sort of thing now, which is good for the community.
May i ask, what kind of bandwidth do you have? Speed/Transfer per month?

Unlimited everything (except domains) also I payed £50 1 time payment
so I would say this was the best yet, because it’s unlimited


Nothing is unlimited :wink:

actully this is pretty sweet man well done i rate you

yeah op thanks for this great setup i know you payed lots of money for it and i’ll use your service a lot but ill only compensate you with a really small wrench is where he gets his webspace from for those that were asking.

(And looking from reviews, they aren’t exactly favoured either).

You guys don’t have to pay me anything

Yeah you’re webhost is not gonna like this.

Hmmmm, the seeding ain’t working can anyone help?


It stays at 0kb/s

Does your host support Pythin? Does it also allow the Torrent ports?
Do you have Pythin_crypto installed?

I just got a error about that crypo thing, where can I get it and install it

If you have shell access your distro will have it in the package manager.
If not, then, beg your host to install it?

You do mean Python and python_crypto respectively, right?

Can i download it and install it myself?

Python indeed. It’s getting late here, my eyes are getting heavy… Those keys are far too close together.


If you have access to the operating system itself, then yes.
I doubt it on a web host though.

Alternatively, you can turn off encrypted connections in Torrentflux. That might work.