[HELP] Toybox refuses to work! (on wireless computer only?)

After having just bought Garry’s Mod (thanks to Steam’s pretty amazing Summer Sale.) I decided to check out the Toybox feature. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to.

In game (both on the SP tab, and on the Map's list before starting a game) it opens the "Toybox-Web-Browser" which seems to work ob every website BUT the Toybox site. I figured it was a corrupted file, so naturally I reinstalled it. That didn't help.

I then attempted to open the toybox in a standard web browser, tried both Firefox and IE9. Neither worked. Either loaded a blank page or 404.

Figured the Toybox site was down for maintenance... Turns out that's not the case either. All of my friend's are able to load it up perfectly fine.

Then, for the hell of it, I tried accessing it on my "crap computer," the one that's directly connected to the internet, and the one that my router's connected to. Tried accessing it from my web browser there... And, oila! It worked! Problem is, it ONLY works on that computer.

I'm assuming it's something with my network. If anyone can try to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The only thing I could think of is editing the host file which I highly doubt is it, but you want to goto C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc then open hosts in notepad. Find the toybox site and delete it if it’s in there.

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm. (Just goes to show its worth posting a solution even if you doubt it’ll work!)

i am speechless i have been looking for a solution for hours everyday for weeks! give Zombie man70 a million in cash!

good job on bumping a 4 week old thread