Help, transparent menus? Hitboxes? What the hell?!

This is madness! My menu’s are all Transparent and if I open Options and Multiplayer (the box that shows you the servers) they will overlap each other and its so hard to see!

The Transparent Menu’s are so annoying because if they overlap each other, all I see is a box of text having a huge-ass gangbang and I can’t read it at all.

The hitboxes are REALLY annoying because it gets in the way 24/7 and generally lags me up with big explosions.

The Q Menu in multiplayer and singleplayer bugs out and sometimes goes all white apart from the writing, so I can’t see pics of NPCs or props, just white boxes and text…

Here are some images:
That’s the main menu, Options and Multiplayer overlapping!

Here is the Load Screen when i’m loading a server:

Any help would be appreciated…

I updated my Drivers today, they are up to date (obviously? lol)

This never used to happen, I cleaned my garrysmod folder, Reinstalling won’t work because I tried it…

Anyways, lets do this guys! I wanna play normally again :c


Wow, Gmod after the update has turned to crap :S I have bright colours in the corner of my screen if i’m near too many NPCs and the menu’s are all transparent, gameplay is really bad…

Command Box is spammed with gay errors…Garry, you should really sort this out :c GMod is amazing and I loved it, but after the update, its so hard to enjoy it with buggy Q Menus and buggy Start Screens :S

You should try reinstalling the game.

Also, do you know what graphics card you have?

Dude, I said reinstalling doesn’t work, I already tried it…

And my graphics card isn’t the problem, I was using it before and I used it now and it’s up to date…

I have huge colourful lines over the left or top of my screen if i’m near too many NPC’s too now.

I still think it is your graphics card, especially as it doesn’t work after the update. If you could tell us what your graphics card actually is it would help a lot.

Your graphics card is the most likely problem, what model do you have?

My Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE

It’s updated and everything, but what really annoys me is the transparent menu’s

That explains everything, that card is a horrible piece of shit.


Lefundoof says, “Owned.”

It’s isn’t Garry’s fault. It’s just your computer, I suggest getting an 8 or 9 series card.

Your areguement has become redundant.

Upgrade to something that is designed to work.

Guys, how come it was working before and now it isn’t? How can it be my Graphics Card?

It can handle CoD4 on full blast and doesn’t do this with any other game i’ve played! It never used to do this to GMod until AFTER the update.

I feel left out. Why is my Gmod never broken ;(.

Well I’ll take 100 smartness as a consolation.

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Anyone know nice sites where I can buy Graphics cards, and which Graphics Card I should buy? I want a nice cheap one, because I don’t have much to dish out.

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1: Hitboxes make things solid. Be thankful for them.
2: Is your computer a laptop or a desktop?

3: If it’s a laptop, you’re out of luck unless you can get an entirely new laptop intended for gaming.

And, for the record, I have a Compaq Evo n620c with 1gb of RAM. It’s got a 1.4ghz processor and a 32mb on board AMD card. It has never crashed from GM or had any of these problems. My craptop can play GM, so it’s obviously your computer.

Ok i have the same Problem as “loopoo” and it not my graphix card i have a nvidia Geforce 8600 gs and garry mod was working complety fine… until i played a server that had Prop hunt on it it crashed so i look on google i forget the error name some dude said type this in the set launch option…it did nothin so i exit and delete it from the launch option… and now i have transparent screens and bright white laoding scrrens… and when i press Q in game some time is just wrighting or nothing or Colout like some one ran up to my monitor with a magnet…and some time when im playing it will do like a noclip where i see thru walls…but when im on prop hunt it does not do it? i dought its my graphic card Cause i can play Assassins-creed and Crysis and i dought garry’s mod 10 has better graphics then them…

Same problem as above =/

Have you tried reinstalling it, but without putting any new addons in?

Yep, I did a fresh install adding nothing and it still is not working right.

This sounds similar to this thread: