HELP:Trying to delete gmod TOO SLOW

Ok so i have more than 8gb of files on gmod and im trying to delete it because i already uninstalled it and when i try to delete it IT IS SOOOOO SLOW
This would be the progress bar in 2 hrs -------- From 0% to 3% in 2 hrs!

because you have tons of shit in your garrysmod folder

you just have to wait my friend

It takes longer to move stuff to your recycle bin than just to delete hit. Select all the stuff you want rid of then hit Shift+Delete.

Do you understand how a computer works somewhat?

I’ve never heard of anything taking that long to delete… Maybe your computer is broken…?

What’s that supposed to mean?


Shift+Del deletes files immediately, as opposed to moving it to the recycler folder.

It means that a computer won’t do everything instantly