Help : Trying to get admin mod this sever has

this server has BlackAdmin found in the console
its ip is
where can i get this

By coding it.

Where can i download B-admin?

Read my post? It’s private. You no get it kthx.

You don’t.

Where can i download Private Scripts


Is it for sale or something? I just want a server mp3 player where people can request me to play songs

The reason they’re private is because they aren’t released at all…

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Use wolfdj?

On death run when you die the music stops on wolfdj

Wait, first you want an unreleased admin mod, now you want a server mp3? Why are you derailing your own thread?

I just wanted to know if i can get a good mp3 player for servers and people can request songs

I’m sure you will find a good one if you search


Learn to code LUA, request someone to code it for you.