Help trying to make a train station glass roof

I need help trying to create a glass ceiling with the structural beams casting shadows, I’ve tried several times but I don’t know if making my own beams with brushes would be better or if using a texture and then the block light tool brush would create a better effect.

Make your own beams. A much better effect for just as much work.

Alright next question would be where can I get textures for something like an abandoned train station, like dirty tiled walls and crack glass.

You could make them yourself, or this. Very first link’s a good one.

Man, twice in one day. I love that site. :downs:

I’ve used it alot, however when I try to edit it like add a damaged or worn look, I do it wrong, and some of the textures don’t seam well either…

Oh Well then you could look for tutorials on gimp (a free picture editing program) or photoshop (I’ll assume you know what this is), or again just make them completely from scratch. You’d probably need tutorials for that too though. Don’t make me bring into this again.

I’m new, have no idea what you mean, I’ll look for some tutorials, but I’m a complete noob at all this…the best texture I made was a tiled floor with a bump map and that was pure luck…and it took me several tries to get the bump mapping right.

Sorry, I edited it a little. I hope that helps. But if it doesn’t, a site that has a huge collection of free textures you can use in you maps. It’s the first sire that comes up in the google search you’ll get to in that link I provided. “” is the site you’re directed to as soon as you click the link. I’ll assume you know that you can make you’re own textures from the ground up using picture editing programs. Sorry about the confusion.

There’s a decrepit train station at the very start of Half-Life 2. :raise: