Help TTT! id appreciate it :)

Hello! iv’e been having problems with these 3 player models and if anyone knows how on earth i can install them to be player models as ForceDownload i can see them cause i subscribed to the playermodels but none of my other friends can.

im not going to bother putting the code in cause well… ive fucked the whole thing up so much (too many attempts) that i decided just to delete which ive been trying :C
Im fairly new to coding Lua (ive learned the basics) so i barely know anything :I If you can help me id appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

I cant pay, i would if i could but i dont have a paypal, Prepaid or a credit card to actually pay you with. So if you could do me this small favor to help a newb out :slight_smile:

Its a dedicated server if that helps :I

PS: I have a last question: How do i make it so at the end of the round people can kill each other for fun instead of people having sortof godmode until the timer runs out.

Thank you so much if ya can help me!

Links: - -

the help i need mainly should be like What it should look like :slight_smile: Cause i have no clue :I or if you are kind enough being able to do the whole thing for me so i could just copy ^^

for your last question try this: ttt_postround_dm 1

For your above question, id like to know also ^^.

I’m assuming you have _Undefined’s PointShop installed?

To get the players to download your files in order to see the models, you’ll have to create a file telling the server to send the files to your clients.

You can do this by following this guide.

Place the resource file you just created in lua/autorun

After that, drag and drop all the files from the materials, models and if needed lua folders in to the corresponding server folders.

Materials goes in materials, models goes in models, lua goes in lua.

When you’ve done this, create a file for the pointshop so the models/items show up in the buy menu. You can do this by simply following the steps from other pointshop files, all you’ll have to do is change the name, price and model path of the item.

Example of this:
when i say “filenames” it means you add the name of the file you want to add
if Server then
This code allows cients to download the files your need
You can save this in garrysmod/lua/autorun/filenames