Help! TTT Sounds being stupid!

Hello all!

My problem is that whenever I shoot, I can hear my gun noises. When others shoot, I cannot hear their gun noises but I can hear the impact. (Pretend I shot grass, you wouldn’t be able to hear the gun bang but you will hear something hit the grass) This is happening with other people too ONLY ON MY SERVER. Some other guns work like rifles, AWP, etc. I did mount cs:s to my server. Also one of the things on my server reads as:

CSoundEmitterSystemBase::AddSound( ‘Weapon_DetRev.Single’, ‘scripts/sounds/lua.txt’, … ), script file not list in manifest ‘scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt’

That was all I could find relating to sounds. Please help ASAP.

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what weapons do you use

Back it up first but delete everything in your scripts folder, it’s most likely causing that issue.

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Just deleting game_sounds_manifest.txt in your scripts folder should fix it though.

in the “garrysmod_dir.vpk” or i also extracted the scripts folder outside of it and its in the server “garrysmod” folder too.

Delete everything in garrysmod/scripts/