[HELP} TTT Two Weps at Once

So I’ve fixed my custom weapons issue with zoom, models, and sound however I have a new problem. I am able to equip TWO primaries such as a Vanilla M16 and a Custom Primary (m249, sv98 etc.). I can also NOT equip TWO CUSTOM weapons at the same time. You cannot pick up a (both custom weps) AKS74U and an M9 Beretta. If you have a custom wep it simply refuses to pick up the other custom wep. However when you drop the current custom wep in your hand you can pick up the other custom wep

For primaries, add SWEP.Kind = WEAPON_HEAVY to their shared.lua file.
For secondaries, add SWEP.Kind = WEAPON_PISTOL to their shared.lua file.

This should solve your issue.

Read more on the TTT Wiki for Custom Weapons

That worked! Thanks alot