Help! Ultra Laggy FPS

Hey there,

I purchased Rust today, and boy was I excited to play it.
I downloaded it and launched it on high settings, it was extremely laggy. So I logged out, and launched it in minimum settings, still laggy as fuck and unable to play. I press F1 for console and this is what I saw

I am being completely spammed with “RenderTexture.Create failed: format unsupported” and I can barely even type it is so slow and laggy.
Please, can someone help me with a fix, I really dont want to just waste $20 on a game I cant play.


Only advice i can give is to wait the server list to fully load. It also lags for me for the first 1 minute, then it is all better when the servers load.

This happens once I join the server, nevertheless I will try this and hopefully it works!

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Nope, still just this:

After that I am just spammed with the same thing, basically unable to use my PC until I end the task