Help us out if you're not going to release new updates/content

Hey FP Studios! Hope you guys are thoroughly enjoying the oodles of money that we gave you; enjoy!

Anywho, I know there’s been much talk of ‘oh you haven’t released new content/patches/blah blah blah’.

You’ll obviously release it when you release it. But in the meantime, if it’s not too much to ask, how spending some time with us (your faithful community) and send some guys to moderate the Official Servers? Not like there’s a bunch of hackers running rampant.


dude shut the fuck up, garry has only got back to work a few days ago, helk has had family issues and FP have been held up but things in general

No need to be an asshole, though. But yeah… The FP crew has a real life which needs to be dealt with.