Help us rank our list better?

Since you guys have been so supportive and approachable about our project, we decided to talk it out with the good folks here about how we can rank better.

Our current way of ranking is here:

Ideally, we had some issues with giving points for servers with players playing, so we disabled it for now. But other than those, what else would you give points for? We’d like to make this the best rust server list based on the feedback of the community.

If you’d like to discuss it privately, feel free to PM.


  1. Every time your server hits a new players online count you gain some points

  2. Every successful ping per 10 minutes gives 1 point (of being online)

Er can’t think of anything else

Maybe average time spent on the server?

I know this is pretty questionable as people play for different lengths of time and they may only play on one server which will skew it. But if after a certain timeout, such as 2 minutes, take an average player time in game. It makes sense that if a server is better, people will play longer.

Again, I know it’s not as simple as that and will need some balancing, but it’s something that could be taken into account.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

As far as player average time played, we don’t have access to this sort of data unfortunately. It would be feasible if we did, of course :slight_smile:

I do really like the idea of your server gaining a higher player count, thus you being rewarded for that. Maybe it’d be something where for x amount of minutes if you consistently hold a higher player count, you get some points.

Keem em coming!

I like this.

Are you able to provide a list of things you can track? Might be easier for us to reverse-engineer from there and spot things that are useful with fresh eyes that you might have missed?

Little trick learned in software development. Fresh eyes always spot new things.

een, are you familiar with source server? that’s the data we basically get back, but with player names hidden.

I’m not unfortunately.

I’ll investigate when I get a chance, thanks :slight_smile: