Help! Very Odd - Tank constantly Spitter Goos Player in Survival Map

I need help figuring out why the zombie infected Tank is spawning spitter goo underneath the player “not the survivor npcs” everytime it attacks them in survival

The closest thing that I have in mind for initialing a command for the tank is the commentary_zombie_spawner named Tank which is supposed to spawn the info_zombie_spawn after zombie death with a default population on a random logic_timer

Basically it’s supposed to spawn tanks randomly and when it dies it’s supposed to spawn more common infected zombies

I am not quite sure if this is purposely implemented into the survival mode already or if this is an actual mistake with my map coding.
I’ve mostly been Map making.

Not sure what exactly is causing it for you, but the suddenly appearing spitter goo is an “anti-cheat” mechanic, activating when zombies cannot navigate to players. So you might want to look into improving your nav mesh somehow.