[HELP] Viewmodel off-screen

Ok, thought I’d try here…

I’m trying to port a custom CSS weapon (with permission, of course) into a TF2 revolver skin. Replaced the default reference model with the new one, everything moves like it should. However, the moment I add animations, one of the arms gets broken and the weapon is waaay off-screen on model viewer. So I’m trying to fix this. : /

Also, is there a way to see a “viewmodel view” like HLMV has on 3DS Max?

Viewmodel mode is under the options menu in HLMV. Also, when you decompile weapons, the rotations fuck up, so add ‘$origin 0 0 0 -90’ in your QC to fix it.

Yep, all I needed was to rotate the viewmodels. xD

Ok, I’ve got the viewmodels, world model and even some custom sounds down, but something strange is happening. The RED version of my skin is perfect, but BLU’s has some weird black texture spots on it. Also, are there any good tuts on making a weapon cloak? Mine doesn’t at the moment.

Post a screenshot of it.


As you can see, a perfect shiny-ass Hardballer.


Aaaand strange black lines, only existing on the gun itself.
Could this have something to do with the fact that the gun was ported from a CSS skin?

The BLU version seems to be lacking in shine and detail as well.