I have an idea for a gamemode, still in the ideas phase, for Parkour Roleplay. Here are the ideas I’ve got so far:
-Custom gm_bigcity with a fenced off parking lot replacing the junkyard, interiors of certain buildings, slightly higher skybridges where you can snipe from.
-Gangs, like mafia and ninja gangs, have to be invited.
-Robbable banks for thieves.
-Parking lots for carjacking, but with high fences to parkour over.
-If you’ve played Team Awol Parkour, you would know the difficulty, it should be slightly harder and a lot less vertical.
-Vaulting, can be in combos to do special vaults like speed vaults, kong vaults and other Jackie Chan stuff.
-Awesome cop chases with cop vs parkour, cops can use parkour.

If you would like to volunteer, contact me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/adffasef/. We need maps, some coding and ideas (ideas can go down below)

might i suggest you use fprp as your base. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1459450

Theres an RP for everything nower days, huh?

Most people don’t really want to work for free unless the project is well-thought out.

I know I’m just repeating myself at this point because I’ve said it so many times but why

why does this have to be related to RP

why would RP elements enhance this at all

i added climp swep to fprp base so it would be perfect for you

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i thought gmod was an rp game though

  • DONT base your game mode off of an existing RP gamemode, theres really no need to do so.
  • Your going to need a mapper, and editing existing maps is (apart from quite a chore) sorta “not done”, so your better off coming up with a custom map, which could be like gm_bigcity, but its better to start from scratch then from an existing (decompiled) map
  • Gangs are easier then they sound, you really just need teams.
  • Robable banks are easy too, you just have players pick up some stacks-of-dollars sents in something that looks like a bank, while 2-3 npc’s freak the fuck out.
  • Parking lots need to be mapped, you could have the mapper include some placeholder entity on every parking spot, then use lua to ‘park some cars’ at random spots on the parking lot.
  • I didn’t play Awol Parkour, but personally, if im playing a Parkour game, i expect lots and lots of vertical movement, its parkour, not a ‘runner game’ like the kind that existed years ago
  • Different types of Vaulting should be possible, its just different animations you play.
  • Cops are just a team too.


Give the guy a break, everybody starts somewhere

You can learn how to code, but you can’t learn how to have ideas, and you can’t code without ideas.