Help w/ GMOD Youtube Players

I have tested a few different youtube players in gmod and for all of them the screen looks white and has no sound but all my friends can hear and see the video.

I have looked over a few other sections but they didnt work.
I have Flash installed on both IE & Firefox.
All files are installed properly.

Even if I connect to a movie theater server, Everybody can see the video and hear it and have a good time but I can not see or hear it.

Please help. Much thanks in advance.

Have you disabled downloading of textures?
I’m 90% sure there is a vmt and vtf file that makes the player work, that you have to download or install yourself.

Do you have gm_bass and gm_chrome?

No I have not disabled downloading of textures.

And if gm_bass and gm_chrome didnt come with gmod, I dont have them.
Do I need them?