HELP WANTED! Looking for animators!

Good day, folks! I am a member of Hourai Teahouse, a doujin video game development group.

We are currently in the process of a very ambitious project, a Super Smash Bros. game using characters from Touhou Project. Progress is going slowly but surely and we are in need of a bit more help. That is where you folks come in! Someone suggested that we come by this community to look for some assistance. What we are in need of are animators.

More specifically, animators for the various character models were are constructing. This entails movement, attacks, and other various actions that they will assume during gameplay.

Just to show that we’re really working on this, here is an image from a recent playtest:

If you are interested, please contact us at or look for us on Twitter at @HouraiTeahouse.

Wow im hyped, I can’t animate but you have my support!