Help Wanted (Lua Coders) for new Garry's mod server


I am looking for experienced LUA coders for a brand new Gmod server.
We are Hoping to do one of the following gamemodes.

-City RP (not dark rp your progress is saved)
-Medieval RP (same as city RP but medieval)
-Zombie RP (Possibly Dark RP )

I am hoping to do one of the first 2 listed.

We will Need The help of an experienced coder for we want to code from the beginning. I am not the best coder i am our Webmaster.

Please contact me we are looking for 2 coders, I am hoping that any coders we pick up stay with us and join our staff as admin rank.

it will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Contact through steam group - RedHot Roleplay

Email -

or just simply reply!

~RedHot Roleplay

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Im willing to pay small price

/ban for not posting in hiring/requirements thread

also, a small price for a lot of work, doesnt really work out…ever.

Well you also didnt specify what it would consist of. Do we have to do simple stuff or more complicated and advanced things that cost more than what your asking?