Help Wanted: Modeler for a Horror Map Project

Hello, good sir who has so graciously clicked on this thread.

Since you’re here, I will not waste your time.

I am a mapper who likes doing horror maps for Garry’s Mod.

You may have seen or heard of my latest map: gm_DeathHouse

It had over 60 custom sounds, around 20 custom textures.
It currently has over 2,000 upvotes, and got lot’s of recordings and playthroughs on youtube.

For my next map, I would like to go far beyond what I did with DeathHouse, add more than just sounds and textures. I would like to have MODELS.
There’s only so much scariness you can get out of a 2-dimensional monster face, and I have LOTS of ideas that could implement 3D ghouls.

SO, if you think that I’m worth it, and that you have what it takes, PLEASE reply below, or add me on Steam (search NightscoutHL)

You will receive MANY THANKS and a spot in the contributions of the map with great emphasis!

Thank-you for your time.

I apologize that this might be in the wrong category, any admins who think so, feel free to delete, again, my apologies :frowning:

Hey! I started making maps as well. I also edited a few models. What kind of models exactly?

Hah, no shit?
Me and a buddy of mine played through the DeathHouse maps just last night.
I ain’t much of a modeler though.

no offense, but from what I see in the link you posted, your map looks very empty and boring.

Honestly, that map looks awful.

Plus this is the wrong section.

TCB, Did you not see the

“I apologize that this might be in the wrong category, any admins who think so, feel free to delete, again, my apologies :(”

Yes, that’s right don’t actually PLAY the map, just look at the display and assume from then on.

I am aware of the various flaws of my maps, and I politely ask you to please contribute to the topic at hand.
I’m sure custom monster models will make maps less boring if something comes out of this.

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Oh, good a reply. thankGod

Well, I’m hoping to have some sort of freaky ghosts, glowing eyes maybe.

I would REALLY like a model of this guy:

Crawls around on fingertips shudder

Legitimately didn’t. Sorry OP

(though you shouldn’t just rate me dumb and ignore me)

It’s all good. Nightscout, add me on steam Vibrios… We can talk there.

Sweet! Thanks, man.

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Really? what did you think of it?

Most people criticize from screenshots because thats the deciding factor whether it’s worth people’s times to download it or not.

Jelknab and TCB are right: the map looks empty, boring, and maybe awful, and not to mention incredibly blocky and bland. New “custom monster models” isn’t going to change that.

When did I ever say that I was going to just put new models into the same map?

If you look at my profile screenshots (not the ones on death house) you can see that I am trying to make more props and detail for the WHOLE NEW map.

Then again, I didn’t expect anyone would actually look at them, so I’m not mad at you for assuming.

I looked at them. The problems are still the same.

I think you should head over to the mapping section and get people there to help you map better before you worry about some models.

Could you give me a description of the “problems”?

Try this and let me know if it works.

I was just giving a honest opinion, I didn’t mean to start a fire.

I’m a bit confused… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying that I need to take better screenshots?
Or are you saying my maps need more detail, cause I’m working on that, don’t you worry, I just gotta make the shell first, then add additional detail.

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No worries, it can only help to a point. I get that remark a lot so it’s not like I don’t know that Death House had that problem.
I just wanna focus on improving my new map, and people seem to dwell on what was wrong with the others.

Well, I have gotten some people to let me use their models, so I think I’m good for now.

I don’t know how confused you can get.

If you guys are saying this is a bad map, let’s see you try to make one.