Help Wanted

Hi all looking for people who will agree to do it quickly and efficiently port Models from SFM Models in Garry’s mod making a total of 7. salary is negotiable

two questions
why do you think anybody is willing to do some horrible bullshit like this
and why do you even want these models in the first place, there’s only one way it’s going. and if it’s the reason I’m absolutely sure is the reason, it’s not worth the dirt on any person’s shoe.

what the fuck

Why are we so angry? I need them and for what’s not your case

lmfao im strung out on concerta and i feel fucking bizarre and want money and am manic ima do it
yes yes rate me dumb

edit: nevermind lmfao

I’m disgusted but interested in salary because betting addiction.

what could you possibly be needing for these models, really, there’s only one way it can go.

maybe the guy makes money selling sfm porn to people

NO! I NEED RAGDOLLS to do the usual comics!

once more, what could you possibly be needing these models other than the obvious? seriously, they’re all nude models and they’re all female, it only goes one way.

Dude’s freaking out because the eyes have bones instead of shaders and there’s a bunch of shit for the torsos I can’t find when I decompile, and there wasn’t much money involved.
Also I’m crashing off the concerta so fuck it.


What’s the salary?

I don’t think you quite understand what the word ‘need’ means.

I think it’s safe to say we all *need *to breathe, *need *to eat, and *need *to drink, but somehow i don’t think you need nude models from a terrible game series designed for 12 year olds and youtubers to scream at.

40 maybe 50

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Why is it bothering you so much. It’s porn, what more of an explanation do you want. He wants to make comics/screenshots of scenes involving the models.

Is that really hard to figure out dude?

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You should edit that out.

be warned, for whatever reason the entire upper bodies of the models with the exception of puppet wont decompile with everything else using crowbar
hope you know a way around that, or if you’re meant to use puppet’s torso for all of them

there’s the xnalara source files but w/e

jesus christ dude, calm down and reevaluate your decision. And considering you’re furiously denying the claims, that gives me even more of the suspicion you want it for what I think you want it.

why cant u just use the models which arent nude to do your normal comics instead of literally offering money for nude versions to be ported

What thee fuck is the difference? It is written to port these models as necessary so it is necessary to port these machine model no alterations!