Help - Water Not Showing Up Correctly on Hammer Map Editor...

Ok, so im making this map (basically like gm_ocean or whatever its called) for a new gamemode(information later, only testing right now), but im adding a few things to the map. My problem is - whenever i run the map, the water does not load, and appears non-existant, until i go into where it is supposed to be, then a splash, water noise, etc, all happens, but water texture is missing. This has happend for every-single water texture i have tried, non work. I have HL2, Ep2, Ep1, HL, CSS, DOD, all the ones for hammer. But it is really annoying when i can’t see what water im using.

Additional Info - It shows up as a texture in hammer, but will not show up in game. Help, and Thanks!

It could be that you have a leak in your map, make sure your skybox is sealed. If you can’t find the problem click on Map > Load Pointfile and follow the red line to the cause of the error.

It IS GM_Ocean, i ported (just learned now, actually), but i am adding a dock/mainland to it, I ran the normal version, everything is fine, run it with mine, and its all fucked up. I have no clue, ill try the Map > Load Pointfile thing and see how that goes, thanks though.

If you can find the texture in your hammer files, you should be able to see them ingame too. And, some of, if they were missing, it would be pink-black checkboards.

Never decompile… It fucks up the map… Ask the orignal creator if you could have the file… If you cant… Then make your own.