HELP! What do YOU want???

Good Evening!

Press F1 when you are in the main menu to get up the console then type : net.connect

We are a new community to rust called GhostRusters
We have many admins to help people in the server and we are hoping in the future that we can expand our community and we
hope that you enjoy your stay, ask if you need help and just have fun!
We also have a website and a Teamspeak 3 server what you and your friends can use (Links Below)

Teamspeak :
Website :

Now, this is where we need YOU!

What do you want in a server? We have been running for 3 months and we start building a nice community and then nothing! We seem to lose players and we dont no why!

We are Active admin, approchable and willing to help. We upheld the one rule we have and hackers get insta and perma banned. We have tried different rules, we have tried having mods and no mods.

Our Server is currently a ‘Vanilla’ experience, exactly as facepunch want it. We think its fairer.

We spend a lot of money on this, getting it set up, a website, a forum, but going into our 4th month we are thinking it maybe time to pull the plug.

So again WE need YOUR help!

Ideas, criticisms, believes… All are welcome and all would be very helpful. Please comment here or on our forum @

Thank you