Help | Whats the best way to advertise a server?

So recently a new Military rp server as opened, and i went in there and it was actually kinda empty but from what i saw it looks really professional and have tons of potenital.
I’m not the owner or any kinda admin on that server, but i really want more players to join so we can rp.

i know it’s not allowed to advertise a server here so obviosuly i’m not gonna, but anyway is there a way i can get more players?
the server is really high quaility and i’m dying to play it already and have some people to RP with, and i’m not that douchbag whos advertise in other servers…i don’t support it at all.

Hope any of you guys can give me an advice about the matter , i just got discharged from the army (IDF) 3 months ago and my favorite thing is MRP since then lol.

thank you

People brings people, have a group of friends on the server and more people will show up.

Just note, this takes time for people, it may take hours before anyone starts actually joining.

Step 1: Build a good server.

Step 2: Get a solid playerbase on said server.

Step 3: Sit back and relax. That solid playerbase is gonna talk to their friends, those friends will pop by. Some of them become part of the solid playerbase. Cycle repeats and repeats until you no longer need to advertise at all.

Step 4: Maintain what you created in step 1.

git yootubers

a lot of servers that got streamed on youtube just got a temporary influx of underage and/or toxic players that they probably would have been better off without

i tried to be funny

It didn’t work. :goodjob:

What constitutes good in your eyes? Solid player base? % of returners?

A good server in my eyes includes:

  • Player-friendly staff members, that do not show any elitism and try to help people, and see the difference between a mistake and misbehaviour
  • Custom content (by custom, I mean self-coded stuff thats exclusive to the server)
  • A group of like 6 regulars who know the rules and keep the server going

Just sit in the server while it’s empty and wait for people to join. It doesn’t matter if you own the server or not, if you ever want players to join a server, you have to lead by example.

Hire someone to advertise your server.

Yep. And network, get friends and bring them aboard as well.

Though dont be that guy that adds literally everyone he interacts with and spams invites. Try to be an actual community with like a forum, mumble, etc… You can host both a small forum and a voice server on a cheap $5 vps pretty decently. (Though, that wont cut it if it grows a lot)

even though this is sarcasm and if it isn’t, what’s wrong w/ you, this obviously isn’t going to work. like lurker said, have an active community that you care about, and don’t be one of those owners that constantly ignore your staff when they can’t do stuff that they ask you to do, it being out of their control

It’s the owner’s fault for not giving the other admins enough control of the server to do that shit in the first place. Mine have access to !rcon, !cvar, and pretty much whatever else they could possibly need to cover anything on the srcds level.

A crippled admin rank is the same as having no admins at all.

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course, i’m also a smelly liberal who thinks everyone who joins should have access to noclip and turning godmode on and off, but I run a build server so I can get away with that kind of shit :v:

I refuse to play on any build server that puts noclip, a vital building feature, behind a paywall or rankwall.

It’s just common sense

how does “everyone who joins should have access” equal “paywall”

because those statements to me read like total opposites