Help! Where do i find Dev?

Ive been looking for Dev for most of the day, and i cant find where to get the texture. I fell in love with it after playing on a dev map, and i need help finding the texture for gmod. I would search for this topic, but our searchbar sucks, and every time i use it i get a blank webpage, so sorry if this is a repeat. Please halp!

Like edit, and stuff: I’m lookin for the dev for my materials in gmod cause thats what i mainly wanna use it as. If you could point me in the direction, or gimme a link, that would be great

there are a few dev textures. However as far as i know they are not in the materials tools in gmod. But if you are making a map in source SDK, they can be found there and used in the map.

[del]You’re looking in hammer? It should be right there when you filter dev.


Something like that.[/del]

Silly me, there are no mappers here.

I am pretty familiar with the texture, if you want to actually see the texture file you will need to download a programme called " GCF Scape ".

Once it is installed, ensure steam is shut down, then find a .gcf folder called…: source materials.gcf

this folder can be found at; C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps

once you have opened the .GCF file follow this directory; hl2 / materials / Dev

You should now have a list of every single Dev texture you want, simpily find the one you want and right-click on it, then press extract.

I hope this helps

The two most commonly used are called “dev_measuregeneric” I think.