[Help] Where's my server?


I can’t find my server in the listed servers…

[EU]Born To Kill/KIT P250/STARTING:19.06 at 12:00(UTC+1)

It doesn’t have code for colors or any weird simbols, as you can see.

What can I do? -_-

remove the around EU

Thank you!
Now it works fine.

Thanks for the hint.

Apparently Garry has went full hypocrisy mode and just delists servers with “strange characters”, as he calls them.

What this means is, if your server name has square braces or pipes |, it won’t list.

Thanks Garry for this INCREDIBLE useful feature everybody has been eagerly waiting for, I can’t believe we’ve been able to live without this before. For sure, from the last two months of all the work you’ve done, this is by far the most useful and appreciated. Hip o Crit, Hurrah!

Someone lost is 2000 slot server? poor baby. You should really learn to read a bit, there isn’t suppose to be any more update on Rust so we are lucky he actually got rid of that bug with server name

Try so hard trolling, you poor guy. What weird paradox logic are you trying to use on me?

There aren’t supposed to be any more updates on Rust, yet day/night cycles lag, holosights won’t work and servers are being delisted. Do you get it? There actually was an update breaking shit everywhere. We are LUCKY? Bullshit! I don’t see anybody being lucky since the last update that wasn’t supposed to come out because nobody can use holos or proper in game time. Look at us how lucky we all are!

“Bug with server name”? What bug are you talking about? There were no bugs with the server names.

Go try your troll logic on someone else.

Please explain how this is hypocritical?

Saying there wouldn’t be any more legacy updates and still pushing out legacy updates nobody wanted.

edit: I’m saying, if you would just have left legacy as it was you would have had much more time working on the new beta experimental branch instead of having to go find and fix bugs in legacy that aren’t even supposed to be there. My biggest problem are the, what I think, shader related issues with day/night shadows and the holosight, but all this came at once with this server name filter, which is absolutely uncalled for.

My two cents are, something in the “new” legacy has messed with some shaders and the skybox collision, because the holosight would filter out the skybox and I guess some shadows have the same issue. I think when the shadows are the longest, they extend to the skybox and instead of colliding with it, they pass through it and keep getting calculated, which causes these hard lags. Just my thoughts as these two issues may be related.

If you think you can do a better job, you should probably consider becoming a game designer/developer.

I know it’s hard to cope with other peoples opinions if they make sense. Yes, I absolutely said if I were Garry I would make it so much better. Thanks for interpreting things that have never been said into other peoples posts. Instead of trying to insult me by telling me what I would be good at, go find some valid arguments to reinforce your opinion, okay?

All I heard so far is “bug in server name”, “poor baby”, “you should learn to read” and some paradox crap.

See? You’re not even trying, you just keep trying to troll. Pls stop talking to me if you don’t have anything to say that matters. Also, I’m not your buddy, pal.

Simply answered to your bad taste of sarcasm. Nothing personal there buddy.

You have Arguments to the thread? No? Then leave. We don´t want to discuss with trolls.

Please stick to the Topic. It´s annoying. Where are the mods, if we need them?


My opinion in this is, you can´t always hide behind alpha. You can´t say i am doing things like that and then you do right away other things. Doing Legacy Updates aren´t hypocritical? Hmm, Are you serious?

Greets Kanlo

Please correct me if I am wrong as I would truly like to know for my own enlightenment of the topic on why legacy had some changes. I believe it had to be moved so that it can be played at the same time as Experimental with just the change of a button at start up instead of changing settings to Opt into beta and files re-downloaded. (I could be totally wrong, i read people talking of 4.0 and 4.5 etc so again please correct me / enlighten me so I have a better grasp on the information).

In doing so it made a few alterations to the legacy code that had unfortunate breaks that they are now fixing for our benefit. Being in alpha and the fact they are scrapping the old code I am very grateful they are using up “precious” time that could be used on the newer coding so that we can at least play the legacy version still. Yes it sucks that there is a bit of down time or breaks in stuff we are used to using but I do not see how screaming at the developers instead of trying to add constructed data on the problem helps.

I’m fairly sure it has something to do with merging legacy and experimental, as I stated before I was suspecting shaders and their impact on the skybox to be the issue, maybe some shaders leaked through to legacy but that’s just some wild guessing. I too am very thankful that Garry decided to try and fix these issues instead of just letting them be. But this obviously should not have happened in the first place.

Last time I read about this I think to remember that the legacy experimental and the beta experimental are still different versions, as legacy experimental is not updated on every commit but beta is? So it’s still a bit confusing why legacy and experimental had to be merged in the first place. I didn’t think opting in and out would be the issue as you would still have to do that to get the last experimental.