Help will this file? Having nil value's

Ok so let me just cut to the chase, I don’t know much about lua, but I need help fixing this problem.

Ok, so basically there is a problem with the gamemode, in which the gun factory and other certain things do not work. As you can see, CanProduce is a function method that doesn’t exist. . but I don’t know what to do.

I need help fixing lines 94, 117, 139, and 178. I don’t know what to change them to, or really what to do. Please help :S and see if I have any other problems?
Thanks a ton

[LmaoLlamaBaseWars\gamemode\physables.lua:139] attempt to call method ‘CanProduce’ (a nil value)

Well, it would really help us if you can show us where CanProduce is declared.

CanProduce is not declared. . it is missing, which is why it doesn’t work. The function doesn’t exist anywhere.

So I guess there is no way to fix it without recreating the functions themself, and assuming what they did.

No, unless you find out another way, however, we have no idea what gamemode you’re using, thus can’t help you with that.

I guess as a hacky fix you could do

function _R.Entity:CanProduce(guntype, ply)
return true

but its most likely down to you missing the correct entity

The Error is due to a Client sided file being called as a Shared (both client & Server file), just remove the include(“physables.lua”) in init.lua or cl_init.lua

Dude you ROCK! Thanks! I was banging my head on my d**k trying to figure this out!