Help - Willing to pay.

ok i need help with my Roleplay , im willing to pay

My STEAM - glow2008

What i need done -

Inventory Addon so you can pickup guns off the floor and it’ll go in your inventory .
A cardealer NPC thats at the carshop on evocity the cars do not have to save but if they dont save only $3000 each max.

My Steamid glow2008

$500 and its done.

There is a Inventory addon for free on


That’s £150 and I’ll send you a link to it. :buddy:

No cause i want it mysql’d so it saves.

Screw that =]

You don’t need to pay anyone. The point of this forum is to provide help to you for free.

But he is willing to pay.
nothing like a bit of motivation to get one going. :slight_smile:

The latest SVN of DarkRP has a “pocket” swep that lets you store items (maybe many items, not sure).
SVN Tut:

You can make your own Car Shipments with the latest SVN of DarkRP, but I’m not sure how as I don’t use DarkRP.

If you want it to save what items each person has stored… Either learn to code and make it yourself or look for something like that on

I dont need the pocket tool i already have that… lol

i want a proper inventory.

and i have a cardealers job… so thats all good tbh.

i really need the inventory tho

and i need to know how to spawn a zombie in the woods that’ll go they’re all the time when the server starts