Help with 3d2d

I need a tutorial or some guidance of how to draw over the weapon with 3d2d to make it invisible.


Damn, again slightly related…I know theres a console command to make it so the npcs ignore all the players…But what if I want to do that in multi-player and only for 1 person…say…the person with the cloak on

Wait what? you want the make the weapon invisible using 3d2d? Thats not the way to do it(and dosent work) let me check what function is was to propperly hide it(if that is what you want).
For your other question: i would think notarget would do

You just want to hide the weapon?

player.GetByID(1):DrawViewModel(false) – hide the players view model
player.GetByID(1):DrawWorldModel(false) – hide the players gun from everyone else.

Would I be able to use self.Owner:DrawWorldModel(false) or would that only work for SWEP deploy like on the example for that page.
Because I want to be able to make the weapon invis on multiplayer also ._.

EDIT: Nevermind, it was just being glitchy for me