Help with 3ds 2010 SMD exporter

Title. I’ve put it in 3DS max 2010\Plugins (the DLE) but it doesn’t work and gives me an error when I start up max. Any ideas? It’s the right version as well and 64bit (that i’m on)

what’s the error

Hello Neo, hang on, finding it now.


Dll <C:\my directory*stdplugins**\SMDExporterx64.dle>failed to initialize.
Error code 193 - %1 is not a valid win32 application.

***** It’s also in just plugins.

Open up 3DS and click on Customize -> Plug-in Manager. Look at the bottom of the window and make sure your plugin is in the correct Load Path.

I’ve tried that, it doesn’t appear.

Move the plugin to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\plugins, not stdplugins.

I have.

Are you sure both your OS and 3DS version are 64-bit?


I’m not sure, but I think I remember Mariokart64n saying it didn’t work for 3Ds 2010. You’re using the plugin made by wonderboy right?

Yeah, but I just tried it with the 32bit one (atleast it was in that folder) and it shows up in the export thing, going to see if it actually compiles though, because i’m 64bit.

I have the 32 bit one, works perfectly. I have trouble compiling.

Sure you have Sequences in your QC?


That was the bastard error for me 10 times

Only just noticed that NeoDement is using his normal account now. Thought that it was perma’d.

On topic: Try installing the plugin for the 32-bit version of Max, because about half the plugins only work for the 32-bit version.

Not sure what you mean?