help with 3ds max

guys im sitting here and im installing 3ds max but it wont go past the first component to install its been sitting there for a good hour and a half see here:

plz guys i really need your help


well that makes 2 hours and still no progress

Get an older version of 3ds max, it is very difficult to model for source with such a high version’d program.

Make sure you have the correct version (86x or 64x)

mine is an x86 but there is no version of that if there is can you get me the link plz thx

heh sorry there is no bit versions, they are both included in the package. I would restart it if i were you. turn off antivirus and 3rd party firewalls while you do so to make sure they arn’t stopping it.

i already restarted and turned of fire walls and anti virus software but it still doesnt work can you send me and earlier version plz and thx

How old are you?

Looks like he is 12.

He got mad over me asking for a link to his steam account.

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dude your being a dumbass and all i asked was some help with this so plz just leave
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You were heavily offended by me calling you a faggot, that means you haven’t figured out the internet yet. Also, lying about your age is very dumb. Saying you’re older than you really are just makes you sound dumber (because 16 year-olds should be smart).

Anywho, it doesn’t seem possible to buy an older version of max. So lets debug your problem further, what kind of operating system do you have? (XP, vista, 7?)


attempt to install this:

That is what 3ds max is trying to install and is failing.

its ok i got 2009 from my dad when i went to his house


but thx any way