Help with _Undefined's PointShop

I installed _Undefined’s PointShop and it works perfectly but I was wondering how I set, give, and take points as the admin?

Check the admin tab in pointshop.

I don’t see a admin tab

Make sure your’re set to Admin or Superadmin on your server (Or 3rd party admin mod)

The system checks for either LocalPlayer():IsAdmin or LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin

If you have a rank set as owner, then that might be a problem

I changed superadmin to SuperAdmin but other than that I haven’t changed anything. I’m in the group SuperAdmin and I still can’t do anything with point shop. I’m using Ulysses ULX addon.

Pretty sure caps matter. Try changing the group name back to ‘superadmin’ and that should fix it

Check lines 20-21 of sh_config.lua

They should appear like this

PS.Config.AdminCanAccessAdminTab = true -- Can Admins access the Admin tab?
PS.Config.SuperAdminCanAccessAdminTab = true -- Can SuperAdmins access the Admin tab?

Also ulx groups are forced lowercase anyway, it doesn’t change anything anyhow

You were right. When I created the group called superadmin and deleted the group called SuperAdmin it worked. I reset all the perm. to how I wanted it and it lets me give, take, and set points now. Thanks everyone.