Help with a bug fix!

Hey I’m looking for some help on a bug fix in my tool Smart Welder v3 Official found here. The bug is that there is a feature where while you smart weld everything together it will also no-collide them but if you have that feature turned off it screws up. If you have it off then weld everything together it will be good, nothing will be no-colllided together but when you undo the weld those props you smart welded will no-collide only with each other. Everything else they will act normally with. Here is the code for the tool. I put it in a paste-bin so I wouldn’t fill this entire page with code. If anyone can fix this I wont hesitate to pay $$!

Thanks a lot to Cupcake Brother! STEAM_0:1:35030679 Who did this completely free! Ill be uploading the fix momentarily and recommend more people hire him!